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“Dirt cheap!”

So said a Sacramento real estate lawyer describing the cost of a website he created himself using a GoDaddy template and one stock photograph. The text was mainly a laundry list of the lawyer’s services and a short resume. The stock photograph curiously depicted the Sears Tower in Chicago. Even so, the lawyer claims his employees were wowed speechless by his creation. What they said when they spoke is anybody’s guess.

We prefer to think that, if truly successful, the lawyer's website is an exception to the rule. Having developed websites since 1998, our experience is that they succeed best when their photographs, graphics and design authentically communicate a business’ identity and its competitive advantages in the marketplace. It’s a rule validated by marketing research conducted by the American Marketing Association, University of Massachusetts and Marketer Digital Intelligence, among others.

Textually and visually positioning a company in the marketplace is no simple matter. The adage of advertising is that people don’t buy services;

gasstationthey buy what will best gratify their desires or solve their problems. Composing text that effectively communicates why consumers should choose your company over your competitors is a job best left to a professional. So too is composing the visual content to illustrate it.

The Internet is as much a visual medium as it is a print medium. This means opinions about your firm will be shaped as much by emotional responses to your website’s colors, photographs, and graphics as they are by intellectual responses to its text. Such content is best served fresh, not canned.

On the other hand, freshness endures the more content communicates qualities unique to your firm.  Many of our websits have remained visually intact for five years or more. And all of our websites were developed at costs small business owners can afford.

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